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How to choose your Wedding Videographer

feel comfortable around your wedding videographer

Ok so you are happily engaged, have drank multiple bottles of bubbly and zoom called the whole family tree but now you actually have to plan the wedding. A task that comes easy for some, even exciting for others but for some Brides and Grooms it can be a bit overwhelming. The UK has so many amazing and talented wedding suppliers; from flowers, cakes, colour schemes and content creators. The real trick is finding the perfect fit for you and your wedding, so to help you on your wedding admin journey here are some useful pointers on how to select your wedding videographer.


Where do I even begin?

Friends and Family

Personally the best place to start can be to ask round friends and family, did you see a friend’s wedding film and think that’s what I want! Sometimes simple word of mouth is a great way to find a tried and tested Wedding Videographer who you know first hand delivers great results, and if your friend is willing to show you the full feature film you can make sure it’s what you’re after.

Supplier Recommendation

The first thing on your list to book will most likely be your venue and perhaps a photographer, so why not ask them for their recommendations for a wedding videographer. Often your photographer will have a little list of their preferred videographers who they know work well with them and have a similar style or presence on your day. It is worth noting here that never feel pressured into choosing a videographer by your venue, they should only ever be suggestions.

Venues can recommend wedding videographers


What should I consider?

Style – Do you want a romantic, cinematic experience to replay your day or are you after a more natural, documentary take on things. Some Wedding Videographers will take more time on the day to pose you and set up shots whilst others will be more elusive and just capture what’s going on around them, candid style. It helps to watch a few of the wedding videographers highlight films to see if they have a consistent colour palette, is it moody and warm or fresh and bright! If you watch a range of different wedding highlights you will subconsciously have a preferred style by the end of your research.

Outputs – What type of final film do you want? A shorter snapshot of the day is often produced with a wedding highlights film which most Wedding Videographers offer. However, some also offer a full-length film which will include your speeches and ceremony too. Its worth having a think whether you want these longer elements captured for prosperity or are happy to just have a ‘best bits’ film.

Personality – I don’t need to tell you that your wedding day is an important occasion, so its key to have people around you that help you feel at ease and ultimately help you have the best day of your life! If you find a Wedding Videographer online and like the look of their work, perhaps message them to arrange a call and get to know them a little. It can help put your mind at ease and understand what type of person you will have filming you from bridal prep through to your first dance.


In conclusion – Ask around friends, family and your current booked wedding suppliers. Have a few Instagram sessions where you and your husband or wife to be view some films and decide what you like. Once you have a shortlist, make sure to check the Wedding Videographers availability first then arrange a call with your favourites to help make that final decision.

I hope this blog has helped a little with your search for the perfect Wedding Videographer.

Happy hunting!


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